• 21.05.2018 Law
    Litigant in person pays for poor conduct

    E v F [2018] JRC067A “Doting” mother living in a former derelict bungalow with three children, and driving an old banger and shopping in charity shops. In contrast the father, …

  • 02.05.2018 Law
    Divorce and maintenance orders – the end of “a meal ticket for life”

    Gender equality is much in the news. In the past many felt that the main breadwinner was at times treated slightly unfavourably by the Family Courts in England and Wales, …

  • Director
    09.10.2017 Law
    Logicalis and Oben provide a combined service offering for GDPR requirements

    Oben and Logicalis have formed an association for the purpose of offering a comprehensive service to address issues of Data Protection and Cyber Security. The basis of the association is …