In September 2017 Oben Regulatory and Logicalis formed an association for the purpose of offering a comprehensive service to address issues of Data Protection and Cyber Security.

The basis of the association is the EU Directive of 2018. This requires businesses to have a solution that is not merely IT-based, not merely a regulatory issue, and not simply a legal one. It is a significant matter which requires an appreciation of all three aspects.

An association between Logicalis (one of the largest specialists in managed security systems in the Channel Islands) and Oben (with its regulatory business and law firm) is uniquely placed to offer such a comprehensive service.

Logicalis Services:

  • Advising on GDPR Solutions
  • Data Discovery and Classification
  • Encryption Solutions
  • Breach Detection
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Data Access Controls
  • Managed Cyber Security Services
  • Secure Cloud Backup and Recovery
  • User Security Awareness Training and Testing


Oben Services:

  • Compliance with GDPR
  • Advising on Third Party Contracts
  • Employment Issues
  • Breaches
  • Dealing with Inspections and Prosecutions
  • Training
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Data Subject Access Requests
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