Our Products

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

Peter Drucker

We believe that compliance should be led from the top. Our approach is to engage with your leadership team, helping you to improve your approach to compliance risk management.

We have developed a range of products answering your needs. We can provide a compliance risk assessment solution and a range of independent assessment products covering compliance effectiveness, board effectiveness, key person roles and your 3LOD arrangements. When you need to solve a problem, we can facilitate Root Cause Analysis, helping you to understand the issue and how best to fix it.

Our products are bench-marked against international standards and are designed to be flexible.  All products can be delivered remotely, using state of the art survey tools. We will provide you with timely, cost effective and actionable insights, freeing up your team to get on with doing the right things.

Please contact a member of our team to discuss how we can help.

What Our Clients Say

The discussion topics are excellent and the forum, I would say, is an absolute essential for key persons

Given the volume of regulatory change, we had a need to provide additional AML training to our Compliance team and Directors. We wanted the training to be interactive and practical to ensure that the underlying legal obligations were brought to life. We brought in Oben as they have an excellent blend of legal, regulatory and compliance experts with extensive real life experience. We weren’t disappointed. Oben delivered practical and informative sessions which were tailored to our business needs, delivering real value.

We instructed Oben to completely redesign our AML/CFT Policy and Manual at a critical point in our business’s development. This was quite a sizable undertaking. During the process we were massively impressed by the depth of legal and regulatory knowledge exhibited by Alex, Jamie and Nicola. They worked fabulously well as a professional team and the work was of the highest quality. We particularly liked how they judged their points of consultation with us perfectly; determining what were the critical stages of the Manual’s development and when there was a judgement call to be made in respect of policy. Overall we found the experience of working with Oben professionally and personally rewarding as we find them to be a very clever and approachable bunch of people.

Oben have expertly advised us on complex issues relating to governance, AML/CFT and regulatory matters in the context of our Jersey headquartered and multi-jurisdictional international financial services business. They were able to do this through their expert team who have the right experience necessary to navigate through such complexities. They supplemented their advice with important board support and training. Given our confidence in Oben, we will continue to use their advice to support us in the development of our future-proof operating model.